Get Mad
Fucking & Punching just seems to get me through the day.
That’s a pretty good deal.
Dumb whore.
Posters arrived today. Time to begin the onslaught of promo.
A little Back Wreckage to make the day better.
There won’t be a sober white girl for MILES
All fucking day.
I probably laughed for a good ten minutes. This is gold.
Stop telling me how to live my life
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How would you blow $5,000? “Tattoos, from head to toe.” – Male, 22, Texas 
The oldest evidence of tattooing still in existence dates back to 6000 BC on a South American mummy The American Academy of Dermatology distinguishes five types of tattoos: traumatic tattoos, amateur tattoos, professional tattoos, cosmetic tattoos, and medical tattoos.
Endorphins are released when the human body experiences pain, which is why the process of getting a tattoo may provide a natural high.