Get Mad
Fucking & Punching just seems to get me through the day.
Yep, it’s about that time.
It’s like #wcw but for Saturday. This girl though, love her 👌

I couldn’t even begin to explain how much she’s been there for me the last few years, or how many times she’s had me crying I’m laughing so hard
This wonderful couple finally got married yesterday. Congratulations again @sam_lanting and Jim!
Took last week off the gym. Three months on, then one week off. Shock your body, don’t let it get comfortable. 

Jammin’ that new G-Unit all day, the boyz is back. 
🎵 They watchin’ me 🎵
Beware of the Boogeyman. If you’re not capable of spotting a scare tactic, you’re blinded.
I’m still receiving messages from Stranger Danger. I just want to know who you are. Speak up.
Become better.
We are everywhere, and we are nowhere. We are Anonymous.
How I’m feeling this morning. Because school